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handpoured soy candles

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| evergreen + eucalyptus + mandarin |

If you love the smell of a fresh cut spruce without all the dry needles to pick up after the festivities, Sugared Spruce is right for you. This fragrance is sharp and green with a slightly sweet menthol effect. Fresh and crisp.


| cocoa + vanilla + marshamallow |

How did I make a candle that smells exactly like fall's favorite beverage? Well, that's a secret from my granny! This is one of those what I call "mean candles" -- it's definitely going to make you want a cup of cocoa! Perfect for every chocolate lover.


| apple + citrus |

My signature holiday candle comes in a festive red lid. It's a cheery and bright Christmas candle -- not a drop of cinanmon or spice. It perfectly captures the merriness of the season and transitions oh-so-well to the new year. 


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