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handpoured soy candles

<> OCTOBER 2017 <>


| cinnamon + sugar|

I love cinnamon all year long, but especially in the fall. The sweet, spiciness is intriguing and warm. It's not the typical "fall" cinnamon because of the sweetness, which is more of what I think of for Harvest below. Fireside transitions well into the winter holidays. No smokiness at all in this one.


| apple + clove + cinnamon + orange |

Mulled Cider is perfect for fall times with friends around the campfire. The tart sweetness of apples and oranges blend with the spiciness of clove and cinnamon. Drink up!


| cinnamon + clove + musk|

Perhaps my favorite fall candle. It's everything you want. Spicy, inviting and warm. Light this one for your fall gatherings, or when you curl up with book by the fire on a blustery day. 


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