Clove Big Orange! 

A nod to Mrs. Light Shine's Knoxville, TN roots, clove and orange combine with a pun on Go Big Orange! 

Company in town

What do you do when last minute guests are coming? Light this candle with confidence. Bright, bold and fruity.

French Quarter

Warm beignets inspired our signature “vanilla candle.” Though you may be tempted, please refrain from eating.

Hey, Eucalyptus

Nothing smells quite like eucalyptus. Our rendition is a fresh, soapy fragrance with hints of mint.

Java Casa

Coffee. Black coffee. Strong black coffee. It's a hipster's dream.

Lemon Lavender

Both uplifting and relaxing, it's the best of both worlds.

Love You a Latte

Nutty espresso and warm vanilla.

Mint Basil Sage

A 2015 Tennessee State Fair blue ribbon winner and our best selling candle. It's fresh and sometimes that's just all you need.

Nag Champa

Nag Champa is the king of incense. And now it's in a candle.

Orange You Somethin'?

You know you are. Clean, uplifting, zesty orange with a little dab of eucalyptus and cedarwood.

Peaceful Patchouli

It's a blend so it's more subtle than you may expect. A happy medium for patchouli fans and those who thought they didn't like patchouli at all.

Rosemary Mint

Bright peppermint rounded with a dab of rosemary.

Saturday Night

A clean, bold, masculine blend of fresh citrus and warm musk. Rugged, classic and cool. It's Mr. Light Shine's favorite!


Sweet tobacco with patchouli and vanilla. It's warm, inviting and wildly popular with men and women. This is the common ground for couples.

White Tea & Ginger

This isn't your statement candle; it's the clean and perfect background to your life. A warm herbal that borders on floral.


A subtle blend of wood tones and pine with a touch of amber – and of course our punny humor.