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| sweet cinnamon |

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I love cinnamon all year long, but especially in the fall. The sweet, spiciness is intriguing and warm. It's not the typical "fall" cinnamon because of the sweetness, which is more of what I think of for Harvest below. Fireside transitions well into the winter holidays. No smokiness at all in this one.

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TRIM THE WICK. Make sure to trim the wick to ¼” before lighting and each time a candle is re-lit.

MAKE THE FIRST BURN COUNT. Soy wax has a memory and should be allowed to achieve a full melt pool on it's very first burn. If it is extinguished prior to allowing a full melt pool, all subsequent melt pools will not go past the first one.

BURN SAFELY. Always burn within sight and on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from things that can catch fire. Always keep away from pets and children. Container will be VERY hot after burning. Allow to cool before moving.

SNUFF WITH LID. Snuff your candle by replacing lid to avoid the aroma of smoke. OR purchase one of our handy wick dippers for a completely smoke free extinguish.